Show Your Kids The Thrill Of Growing Plants

Children can learn to be helpful and creative by having their own garden. It could be a fun activity for them, since children have always loved playing in the dirt. Think about how enjoyable it can be for them, when you let them decide on the plant they want to grow. We are going to take a look at some ways to help your kids become great gardeners.
garden plants
Whenever letting your children pick their own plant, have a range that they can select from. You should ask them to pick flowers or plants with bright colors as this is what they tend to like. Children definitely tend to be fascinated by bright flowers such as cosmos and zinnias. There may be something that might be bigger than them like a sunflower plant. It is usually a good idea to make sure that the plants they choose will not cause allergic reactions. Despite the fact that their fingers are little, let your children help with the starting seeds. You can simply have them cover the seed with soil if it is too difficult for them to do the whole process. Having the children create a gardening journal is a great way to keep them excited about their garden. They are able to use their creative imagination to sketch out what they believe their plants will look like. They could make note of how nicely their plants are developing and write down their feelings about them.

When possible, you might want to have the garden near their play space so they can always see their plants growing. Provide them with a reason to remain interested in how their plant is doing. Given that they enjoy playing in the dirt anyway, allowed them to help you get the soil ready. It's possible to have them play games where they tramp out all the clumped up soil. Get them a handful of tools that are their own size, so they really feel like they are helping. Let their section of the garden be theirs. Take a snapshot of each plant, so they will be aware of what to look for when it starts growing. Put everything on a note card with the names of your children, so everyone will know they are a part of the garden.
Children enjoy playing with water as much as playing in the dirt, so let them water their own plant. Even though it may seem simple, you will always need to show them how so that they don't give the plants too much water. Your youngsters can water their own individual plants using a small can. Children are likely to make errors as they care for their garden, which is a good way for them to learn. You should also make certain they know how to clean up after they are done with their gardening.
When you enable your children to have their own personal space, and let them have fun, they will see gardening as something fun to do. It is possible to direct them through the mistakes they made and you will watch them learn quickly.

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